Past Exhibit

“Shaka Zulu” by George Lindmark

Life Force Wheel: The Companion & The Warrior

April 25 — July 15, 2014

The Companion and Warrior Archetypes are the hero and his or her comrades: Don Quixote and Sancho Panza; Robin Hood and his Merry Men; Dorothy and the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion. The Companion follows and supports the Warrior. The Companion “has the Warrior’s back,” protecting him/her for the accomplishment of mutual goals. The Warrior stands up for what she believes in. What she loves is what she fights for. The Warrior understands his own power, impact, and boundaries. The Warrior acts on the positive meaning of fight: to defend oneself, to take action to protect others, and to inspire others to mutually accomplish a worthy goal. Both Companion and Warrior work with the Skill of Empowerment: standing up for what you believe in, knowing how to lead and follow, and having a clear sense of self-identity.

The artwork in this exhibit features a wide variety of media including painting, photography, sculpture, fabric art, and installation. Life Force Arts Foundation Executive Director Joan Forest Mage says, “It’s been fascinating seeing the interpretations artists have about this theme. From tribal Warriors to a child walking a picket line, from a Mother being both Warrior and Companion to her children to abstract renderings of mythical heroes, this show expands our understanding of these powerful Archetypes.

The Companion & The Warrior is the third in a series of shows called Life Force Wheel. This year-long, six-show series of art exhibits and multiarts presentations explore the deep Archetypes of human existence. The Life Force Wheel is a spiritual teaching based on ancient, universal wisdom, received through inspiration by modern shamanic practitioner Joan Forest Mage. The Wheel is based on a deep awareness of our unity with all beings and seeks to foster healthy relationships between the individual, human society, nature, and the spirit realm. The six-show series began on December 8, 2013, with the Teacher Archetype and concludes in January 2015 with the True Self Archetype. All shows will be held at Life Force ArtsCenter, 1609 W. Belmont, Chicago.

Exhibiting Artists for The Companion & The Warrior

Steven Blaine Adams
Steve Baltrukonis
J. Penny Burton
Mariela de la Paz
Colleen Koziara

Kurt Fondriest
Dorothy Graden
Vivian Gutierrez
Terry Hall
Thom Lausch
Karin Levitski

George Lindmark
Lauren Pitasch
Britt Posmer
Kevin Seymour
Szmeralda Shanel