Past Exhibit

“Goddess” by Sujata Tibrewala

From Energy to Iconography

June 14 - September 17, 2013

From Energy to Iconography Explores the continuum of artistic expression from spirit as energy, to spirit embodied in the iconography of various religions. “Spirit” may be defined simply as energy: the realm of the non-physical and vibrational. For an artist who views life this way, the purpose of his or her art may be to create or depict positive energy, or to help the viewer shift negative energy into positive energy.

For other artists, “Spirit” means expressing a specific religion or deity, including the teachings, history, legends, and symbols that embody and represent that belief system. In addition to showing examples of both these perspectives, From Energy to Iconography will also explore the transformational energy within the symbols or the story of strongly iconographic art. Viewers of the exhibit will be fascinated by seeing how they are affected by the energy of a particular artwork, even when they have a greater or lesser understanding of its iconography.

Exhibiting Artists for From Energy to Iconography

Steven Blaine Adams
Wendy Allen
Marcia Babler
Steve Baltrukonis
Fred Casselman
Michelle Corpus
Judy Demchuk
Gabriel Gebka

Dorothy Graden
Polly Greathouse
Rachel Jacobson
Shauna Aura Knight
Michelle Korte Leccia
Victoria Martin
Kiel Milner

Karlene Mostek
Sharyl Noday
Britt Posmer
Fabiola Roquena
Szmeralda Shanel
Sujata Tibrewala
Jerry Tiscaren