Past Exhibit

“Abundance” by Beverly Stephan

Media & Mediums: Artists who Channel

May 28 - September 6, 2010

The 2nd Annual Chicago Festival of Spiritual Art, opening reception May 28, 2010, 6 – 10 PM, the festival continues through September 6, 2010. Media and Mediums: Artists Who Channel will be presented as the Second Annual Chicago Festival of Spiritual Art at Life Force Arts Center Gallery, 3148 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago.

This year’s festival is a summer-long exploration of the many ways contemporary artists understand their art as conduits for some greater energy than their personal energy or self. The festival includes visual and tactile art exhibits, performances, workshops, panel discussions, and other events to showcase the varied ways that artists, their art, and the spiritual dimension interact.

The show’s Opening Reception on Friday, May 28, from 6 – 10 pm will feature:

“Voice of Channeled Art” — Louise Cloutier will “sing” the artwork in the exhibit, making the visual art audible
Have a beautiful channeled artwork created especially for you — sessions with Beverly Stephan, ($55 for a session)
panel discussion with the artists: “What is channeled art?”

Life Force Arts Center is Chicago’s space for spiritually-based visual, literary, and performing art. The Center presents dance, theater, music, performance art, authors, and visual artists who work in many spiritual traditions, including shamanic, goddess, earth-centered, visionary, angelic, yogic, and other spiritually uplifting paths.

Life Force Arts Center defines spiritual art as:

art that flows from spiritual practice.
art that strives to connect the audience with Spirit.
art that creates spiritual healing. transformation or awakening.

Exhibiting Artists for Media & Mediums

Henry Anderson
Cortez Curtis
Deborah Kelly

Sharyl Noday
Kat O’Connor
Dina Soker

Laurel Smith
Michael Zieve