Talisman Pants by Amy Christensen

I coined the term Accidental Talisman to give a name to any object that is no longer used, obstructs, distracts, produces negative thoughts and emotions, is avoided, hides something else or is something unresolved. I call them “talismans” because while we may want to...

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The Angel and The Heretic: The Making of an Art Ritual – reflections by Britt Posmer, Mary Burton, Bart Smith & Joan Forest Mage

On December 5, 2015, Life Force Arts Center presents the premiere of an Art Ritual and Book Launch based on Britt Posmer's book of poetry The Angel and The Heretic (Saint Julian Press, July 2015). In the following article, Britt and the other performers reflect on...

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Poems of Universal Energy by Sally Cooper

Editor's note: The following poems by LFAE Featured Artist Sally Cooper were inspired by some of the artwork in Life Force Arts Center's exhibit "The Spiritual Power of Art: Universal Energy" running May 22 - September 1, 2015. All poems were written in 2015. MIRA,...

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