Thursday, November 4, 2021
6 – 9 PM  via zoom
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Please join us for an online Environmental Memorial Service that honors past habitats, previous states of ecosystems, and extinct species. In the same ceremony, after grieving and honoring changes and losses to ecosystems and the web of life, we have a chance to express gratitude for the nature entities and energies who are with us now, and are moving forward with us into the future of Earth.


Here is one potential outline that resembles outlines that have been used to guide past services:
1. Get in touch with the purpose of the service
2. Invoke protection
3. Cleanse
4. Honor the story of ecosystems of the past
5. Reckon with emotions related to environmental changes
6. Drum, dance, sing, and/or do other similar ceremonial energy work
7. Honor nature entities and energies that are going forward with us
8. Drum, dance, sing, and/or do other similar ceremonial energy work
9. Closing sharing and gratitude circle(s)
10. Give thanks for protection
11. Close the ceremony

Connecting with the Land is devoted to enhancing nature awareness and exploring a variety of ways of working with sacred landscapes, nature energies and entities. .Health, inspiration, and living sustainably are supported by vibrant relationships with nature. Connecting With The Land Workshops provide opportunities for people of all backgrounds and walks of life to learn new ways to deepen our relationships with nature through communication with each other and the natural world. The Connecting With The Land Workshop series has been conducted at various community gatherings in North America since 1998. Events of the series are facilitated or co-facilitated by Adam Davis.

Adam Davis is pledged in service to the land and the people. When he was young, Adam discovered that different energies and entities occur in different places in the landscape, and he noticed that the essence of each sacred place affected his mind, body, and spirit. These principles are still a key part of Adam’s spiritual practice and are integral to the way that he approaches his work with nature. Adam has a broad academic background in earth and environmental sciences, and professional experience as a naturalist, which he brings to teaching in the college classroom. He leads spiritually oriented “Connecting with the Land” workshops at healthy living fairs, community gatherings, and as stand-alone events. More information about these workshops can be found through the Connecting with the Land Workshop Series web page and news about upcoming events can be found at Connecting with the Land Facebook page. Adam enjoys combining multiple perspectives and techniques to explore integrated, holistic ways of working with nature.

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  • November 4, 2021
    6:00 pm - 9:00 pm



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