6 week group process “deep dive” into shamanic arts & healing


Water Dance © Jake Moreland – Contact Joan@lifeforcearts.org to purchase artwork.

6 Sundays, 3:30-5:30 PM CT
October 8, 15, 22, November 5, 12, & 19, 2023
$240/$180 early registration by October 5
Attend in person or via zoom


There are Rut Stories, which keep us in the “stuck place” we’ve been for too long. 
And there are River Stories, which lift us out of the rut and make our lives flow forward.
Are you “in between” your old life and a new life?
Come gather with us to dream your future into being!
Experience the power of visual art, music, sound healing, writing based in shamanic meditation to catalyze the transformation you seek.
If this sounds like what you need in your life right now, join us for a breakthrough experience!

Healing Arts Intensive is

  • A 6 week group therapeutic process through observing and creating visual art, writing, music & dance
  • A life-changing experience of transformation and healing in small group, like-minded community
  • Learning how to use the arts for your spiritual healing
  • Experiencing the power of having a healing intention (Transformational Goal)
  • Dive deep into how you can catalyze your transformation as the viewer/audience of the arts
  • Learning and/or practicing Shamanic Journey meditation
  • Find the archetypal energies/helping spirits who can help you achieve your personal intentions
  • facilitated by Shamanic Practitioners and Artists Joan Forest Mage, Sofia Girlando & Jake Moreland

“I felt as if this Healing Arts Intensive was awakening me into clarity. I could not have imagined the shift I underwent from the first session until the end. I shed the old identity to see what was below the surface. My focus shifted, my understanding of my gifts was clarified.”

“The very act of setting a transformational goal is a big step in the healing process.  The Healing Arts Intensive provides many opportunities for healing, growth, introspection and self-expression, to name a few.” 

What happens in a Healing Arts Intensive?
  • Participants focus on a personal Transformational Goal which they manifest through the entire range of observing and creating the arts.
  • The Orientation session helps participants identify their Transformational Goals through discussion, meditation and connecting with their spirit guides.
  • In the Art Making and Writing sessions, participants experience creating their own visual art and creative writing to make further progress towards their Transformational Goals. 
  • Participants attend a shamanic Sound Healing Theater performance by Life Force Arts Ensemble, our professional performing company. Watching the spirit channeled vocal and instrumental music, dance and poetry can create profound energetic shifts in the participants’ Transformational Goals.   
  •  We conclude the Intensive with the Closure session: sharing of experiences, meditation and a final visual art making and writing project.

Each Healing Arts Intensive is

  • six weeks: once a week for two hours each session
  • has six to eight participants
  • facilitated by shamanic artist-healers from Life Force Ensemble and/or Associate Artists

Schedule for Healing Arts Intensive “Dreaming In Between”

All dates are Sundays from 3:30 – 5:30 PM

  • October 8 – Orientation with Joan Forest Mage  – Welcome; creation of each participant’s Intention (Transformational Goal) for the Intensive.  Introduction to Dreaming In Between LFE Performance that the participants will attend: its theme, spirit guides, Main Text, visuals/artwork, music and movement.
  • October 15 – A Dream of Rivers – Shamanic Art Making, Writing and Meditation with Jake Moreland
  • October 22 –  Writing with Joan Forest Mage – self expressive writing on your Transformational Goal
  • November 5 – LFAE performance Dreaming In Between – Participants observe Ensemble members in a Shamanic Sound Healing performance which includes dance, singing, sound healing, instrumental music, poetry and visual art. Part of the performance allows time for the audience to do a Shamanic Journey, to journal through writing or drawing their responses and insights, and a time for sharing.
  • November 12 – From Darkness to Light – Shamanic Storytelling, Collage Making & Meditation with Sofia Girlando
  • November 19 – Closure with Joan Forest Mage – Complete our Transformational Goals and bring Closure to the group through participating in interdisciplinary arts and divination techniques to . Each participant has the opportunity to reflect on and share the outcome of their experience and transformation.

*NOTE: Can’t take the whole Intensive? You can register separately for the following sessions! Please click the links below: 

Intensive participants DO NOT perform in the LFAE performance, but they DO

  • choose archetypal energies or helping spirits who the LFAE performers invoke to guide the performance
  • create writing and poetry based on their Transformational Goals, which the LFAE performers may recite or sing during the performance

NOTE: This is a 6 session process, so please check your calendar to make sure you can come to all six sessions. You can attend the Intensive in-person or via zoom.


Tuition Credit Policy for Healing Arts Intensives

There are no refunds for Healing Arts Intensives, but tuition credit for future Intensives may be issued as follows:
If you have paid for a Healing Arts Intensive, but you do not attend ANY of the sessions, you are given a tuition credit for the full amount of the Intensive which can be applied to a future Intensive. This tuition credit must be used within one year from the date of the initial Intensive Orientation.

If you attend ONLY THE ORIENTATION session of the Intensive but none of the other sessions, you are given a tuition credit of half of the admission price you paid for the Intensive. This tuition credit can be applied to a future Intensive. This tuition credit must be used within one year from the date of the initial Intensive Orientation.

If you attend two or more sessions of the Intensive, you do not receive a tuition credit.


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6 Week Healing Arts Intensive Dreaming In Between. $180 early registration by October 5.

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