Healing Arts Intensive "Mask of the Sun King" Orientation - Life Force Arts Ensemble

6 sessions of powerful transformation based in the
Life Force Arts Method
6 Wednesdays, 7 – 9 PM
May 26, June 2, 9, 16 23, & 30
$240/$180 early registration by May 19
This class will be held via video conferencing

Beyond The Facade (c) Dorothy Graden

Image: Beyond the Facade (c) Dorothy Graden

A mask can help us reveal our soul’s true essence: not to hide, but to manifest clearly to the outside world who we really are deep inside. Sometimes this is an alter ego, embodying the identity we desire to live. In these six weeks of deep inner exploration with a facilitator and group of fellow seekers, we will use writing, visual artmaking and attending an energy healing performance of dance, music and poetry by Life Force Arts Ensemble to connect to our inner identity. Shine the light of the Sun on who you are and how to live your truth in the world.

The 6 Sessions
1) Orientation – Wednesday, May 26, 7 – 9 PM
2) Issues and Goals – Wednesday, June 2, 7 – 9 PM
3) Arts Class – Wednesday, June 9, 7 – 9 PM – Naming Your Genius with Joan Forest Mage: writing & mask making workshop identifying your inner gifts
4) Writing – Wednesday, June 16, 7 – 9 PM 
5) LFAE Performance “Mask of the Sun King” Wednesday, June 23, 7 – 9 PM
6) Closure – Wednesday, June 30, 7 – 9 PM

“The Healing Arts Intensive triggered an understanding that there IS a common thread in my art—my underlying purpose to help people… I could not have imagined the shift I underwent from the first session until the end. I shed the old identity to see what was below the surface. My focus shifted, my understanding of my gifts was clarified.” Lisa Nomikos

What is a Healing Arts Intensive?

A Healing Arts Intensive is a group therapeutic process through the arts designed as a life-changing experience of transformation and healing in community. Healing Arts Intensives are based in the Life Force Arts Method (LFAM), a powerful psychological and spiritual tool for understanding life from our most inner world to our most outer world. Participants focus on a personal Transformational Goal which they manifest through observing and creating visual art, writing, dance, theater, and music. Each Intensive is built around a performance of Life Force Arts Ensemble which Intensive participants attend. The Ensemble creates an energy healing performance based on archetypal stories with sound healing, dance, vocal and instrumental music, and shamanic journey meditation in the sacred space created by our art exhibits.

The Format

~ Each Healing Arts Intensive has a group of six to eight participants guided by a Facilitator
~There are six sessions, usually meeting once per week for six weeks. The sessions are 2 hours each
Session 1: Orientation – Intro to LFAM (practicing with fellow group members) and creation of Transformational Goals based on Keywords of the 4 Skills of LFAM. Discussion of the background of the LFAE Performance that the group will be attending: its theme, Main Text, visuals/artwork, music, and movement
Session 2: Issues & Goals – Discussion, writing, and drawing to examine the issues related to each of the 4 Skills of LFAM, and how they interact with each participant’s Transformational Goal and the theme of the performance
Session 3: Arts Class – Participants are led in creating writing such as poetry or storytelling for possible inclusion in the improvisational section of the performance. Other suggestions may include songs or dance/movement themes for the performers to do
Session 4: Writing – Participants engage in creating with one or more of the arts (writing, visual art, dance, theater, music, storytelling) to gain further insight and healing.
Session 5: LFAE Performance
Session 6: Closure – Participants explore the arts and divination techniques to complete Transformational Goals and bring Closure to the group. Each participant has the opportunity to reflect on and share the outcome of their experience and Transformation
~Between the sessions, participants are guided in designing their own individual self-reflective and artistic practices as part of the process of accomplishing their Transformational Goal

Tuition Credit Policy for Healing Arts Intensives

There are no refunds for Healing Arts Intensives, but tuition credit for future Intensives may be issued as follows:
If you have paid for a Healing Arts Intensive, but you do not attend ANY of the sessions, you are given a tuition credit for the full amount of the Intensive which can be applied to a future Intensive. This tuition credit must be used within one year from the date of the initial Intensive Orientation.
If you attend ONLY THE ORIENTATION session of the Intensive but none of the other sessions, you are given a tuition credit of half of the admission price you paid for the Intensive. This tuition credit can be applied to a future Intensive. This tuition credit must be used within one year from the date of the initial Intensive Orientation.
If you attend two or more sessions of the Intensive, you do not receive a tuition credit for any sessions you do not attend.

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May 20, 2021

  • May 26, 2021
    7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


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