4 Mondays, 7-9 PM Central time 

January 16, 23, 30 & February 6, 2023

$180/$150 early registration by January 10

This class is offered in person and zoom.





Do you want to learn core lessons about how life works? Do you want to explore your most inner world to the most outer world: your own subconscious and soul, your relationships with other people, and your connection with nature and the spiritual, energetic plane? 

Lessons of the Wheel seminar is a 4 session introduction to the Life Force Wisdom Wheel teachings (LFW). At each class meeting, we will explore one of the four Lessons of the Wheel: Perception, Presence, Process and Partnership, and meet the Teacher Archetype (spirit guide) associated with that Lesson. Through a shamanic journey meditation, each participant meets the spiritual being that is THEIR guide for that Teacher Archetype. For example, you may discover that you have Merlin as your spirit guide Teacher of Perception, Kwan Yin as your spirit guide Teacher of Process, and one or more of your Ancestors as your spirit guide(s) Teacher of Partnership. 

Through this in-depth practice, participants build strong connections with their helpers in the Otherworld. By the end of the Course, students will have 

  • mastered a powerful practice for working spiritual energies and one’s spirit guides 
  • gain greater understanding of how spiritual energies relate to the physical plane
  • learn how to use the basic principles of the Life Force Wisdom Wheel for psychological and spiritual wellness 

Lessons of the Wheel is the introduction to the Life Force Wisdom Wheel and the prerequisite for Wheel Journey Seminar, a 16-week course working with the eight Outer Wheel and eight Inner Wheel guides of LFW. These two seminars  give you a solid grounding for working with any energies, circumstances or spiritual experiences you may encounter for the rest of your life. Wheel Journey Seminar is a “wild card” class that may be taken anytime, but must be taken before Level 3. 

Joan Forest Mage is proud to serve as a shamanic artist, teacher, and healer in her hometown of Chicago. She is the founder and Director of Life Force Shamanic Arts & Healing.

Life Force Arts Center, 1609 W. Belmont, Chicago, has FREE PARKING in Central Savings parking lot. Click here for directions.


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