Graphic illustration by Lisa Nomikos using her painting Goddess Pele Empowered & photos courtesy Pixabay

Tuesday, July 11, 2023
7-9 PM CT
$30/$20 early registration by July 4
Attend in person or via zoom

If you are attending by zoom please contact Joan at to receive the zoom link

Click here to sign up for the 6 week Healing Arts Intensive “The Fire of Life

“I am the Fire of Life!” Says Pele, Goddess of Fire and Volcanoes. “Turn your insides out, the way a volcano creates new land, whole mountains.“

What is the most powerful thing inside you that needs to come out?  What creativity lies within you, like the volcano? Are you afraid of your own power? Pele isn’t ! Come meet the goddess of fearless empowerment and light a fire in your life.
  • This Shamanic Performance by Life Force Arts Ensemble uses music, dance, Sound Healing, poetry and the beautiful artwork in our current exhibit, Conscious Body, Living Soul: From Sentience to Sovereignty.
  • Part of the performance allows time for the audience to do a Shamanic Journey, to journal through writing or drawing their responses and insights, and a time for sharing
  • Life Force Arts Ensemble members are the visual and performing artists who collaborate to create LFAE’s Shamanic Performances.  Our talented teaching-healing artists produce the artwork, text, music and dance for each of the performances held during the 1 – 2 year run of our Exhibit Seasons. Each Exhibit Season includes a visual art exhibit, performances and educational and healing programs related to the theme of the Exhibit Season.

“LFAE’s performance gave me a glimpse of the absolute.”

“Life Force Arts Ensemble’s performance is raw and vulnerable, and at the same time artful…the performers are laid bare by the manifestation of Spirit. It’s the kind of vulnerability that might make some uncomfortable, which is exactly why it’s such a powerful thing to experience… what you are really seeing is a glimpse of what it means to be a spiritual being learning to be human.

“[Life Force Arts] Ensemble was amazing! Sonorous chanting moving over me like a balm! Healing and empowering.”


Life Force Arts Center, 1609 W. Belmont, Chicago, has FREE PARKING in Central Savings parking lot. Click here for directions.











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