Sunday, July 9, 2023
5-9 PM CT  In person only
Free admission; pay for readings at fair 

Choose from a variety of energy healing and readings from Life Force Arts Ensemble members, Featured Artists and Shamanic Training Program graduates. Note: Each practitioner collects the fee for their readings. Payment in cash is appreciated!

Creating Crystal Grids & Mandalas with Steven Blaine Adams

Manifest the energy of your desires through making your own crystal grids and mandalas. Life Force Associate Artistic Director Steven Blaine Adams will join us with his extensive collection of crystals, assisting Healing Fair attendees throughout the evening in learning about and creating their own crystal grids and mandalas. 

Based on his decades of experience, Steve will teach us intuitive practices and the lore and properties of crystals.  Discover how designing harmonious patterns of crystals can amplify your intentions for healing, love, abundance, etc.  You are welcome to take a photo of the grid or mandala you have created. 
Steven Blaine Adams is an artist and designer who works with natural materials like stones and crystals to create symbols with spiritual resonance. He is Life Force Associate Artistic Director & Curator and store designer. The son of an astrologer and Tarot reader, Steve has been doing readings professionally for over 30 years, combining the Aquarian Tarot with the healing properties of gemstones. Steve attributes meditation, art, ritual and spiritual connection as instrumental catalysts in his path towards healing. 
Angel Card Readings with Rev. Kurt Fondriest
Ever wonder what the angelic realm message is for you? Ever wanted a guide or an angelic spirit messenger to assist you with a question you have about a life decision? Reverend Kurt Fondriest, a New Thought minister and Certified Angel Guide could help you find some clarity by facilitating an Angel Card Reading, which enables one to search within through intuitive messages from our angel guides. Reverend Kurt has been facilitating Angel Therapy and Angel Card Readings for years and has quite a few testimonials on his unique style and ability to enable the person to find a resolution, self-empowerment and a calmer sense of being to face their life with a sense of angelic wisdom and support. 15 minute reading for $20
“I would definitely recommend the experience [Kurt doing Angel reading cards]  to anyone. I found the reading very insightful and positive. The information was very on point with what was happening in my life and I walked away feeling rejuvenated and focused as well as optimistic. It gave me guidance and confirmation. Kurt is very intuitive and a calming energy. Highly recommend!” Joey B., Dallas TX

“The angel card readings by Kurt Fondriest are not only insightful, but also very intuitive as to what is going on in  the present, past and the future. I have experienced angel card readings with Kurt many times. I have always found them to be very enlightening and informative. I am always surprised at how much information Kurt comes up with regarding a question or concern: he’s able to mention information that I have not told him before. He is totally in the moment when he is doing an angel card reading and many times he has told me he doesn’t remember much about them after the fact; he is totally consumed during the time of the reading with the angels and reading the cards and addressing the concerns that are the reason for the reading. I highly recommend Kurt if you are wanting answers to questions such as wondering about whether you’re making the right decision, whether you should go on a specific trip, or work out a certain problem that you’re dealing with. Kurt’s Angel Card readings are a perfect way to investigate and clarify your questions.” Liz King, Fort Worth TX

Kurt Fondriest worked as an expressive arts therapist at Misericordia home in Chicago for over 32 years. He is an ordained nondenominational minister, Certified Angel Guide and certified pastoral counselor, holding a PhD in Holistic Ministries. His work is based on his life with a chronic pain condition called fibromyalgia. Dr. Kurt sees life as a ministry, a way of expressing one’s spiritual connection to others. One of the greatest gifts our creator gives us is the power to love unconditionally; it is through this gift we find ourselves and our work. Let us always remember to not keep the gift of unconditional love but to share this divine blessing with all.

Tanzen Lilly


Triple Moon Goddess Tarot Readings with Tanzen Lilly

Tanzen Lilly is an artist, jewelry designer and tarot reader with a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She will be offering readings from her own tarot deck, The Triple Moon Goddess Tarot, which she is currently in the process of publishing. Tanzen is a frequent Featured Artist in Life Force exhibits, and her jewelry is available in the Life Force gift shop.  She has been studying tarot for nine years and offering readings for 4 years. 20 minute three card tarot reading for $30 helps promote and raise funds for the publishing of the deck.
Crystal Card Readings with Recci Middleton
I’m Recci Middleton, the creator of House of 7 Goddesses! I took my love for crystals to the next level when I began wrapping them into one of a kind pendants for myself and others who wanted to enjoy their energy and beauty on the go. What started out as a therapeutic hobby transformed into a healing practice when I began to incorporate all that I’d learned in the Psychic Development, Shamanism, Crystal Healing, and Card Reading classes I’d taken throughout the years of my own spiritual and healing journey.
As a result, House of 7 Goddesses ( provides custom wire-wrapped pendants and intuitive card readings designed to ignite the pathway of your journey. Connecting with the right crystal’s energy at the right time in your life can be a powerful experience that creates alignment and empowerment to propel you in the right direction. My Crystal Card readings allow me to be a part of the equation because I let you know which crystal will benefit you most at this time and why. You can utilize this information the next time you visit a crystal store or request a custom pendant from ho7g. 15 minute reading for $20

Ojibwe Medicine Wheel Tarot Readings with Shaan Souliere

Shaan is a member of Garden River First Nation Band of Ojibwes in Canada. She will give Tarot readings based on the wisdom of the Ojibwe Medicine Wheel.

Raised in a home where sociopolitical issues among First Peoples were emphasized just as much as faith, music, and the arts, at a young age Shaan developed deep spiritual roots alongside a passion for equity for her people. Shaan believes passionately that profound change within a society begins with healing the heart of its people, and incorporates the principles of Mino Bimaadiziwin into her work as a victim’s advocate to create holistic, culturally informed practices. 15 minute reading for $25




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