Kuaila Turtle Goddess © Lisa Nomikos – Contact Joan@lifeforcearts.org to purchase artwork.

Tuesday, July 25, 2023
7-9:30 PM CT
$55 single class
Attend in person or via zoom
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Kauila is the third of three in the Hawaiian Goddesses series

  • June 27 – Tap into the life force of Pele, Goddess of Fire & Volcanoes
  • July 18 – Flow with the strength of Namaka, the Sea Goddess 
  • July 25 Transform with Kauila, the Turtle Goddess

Today we will be meeting Kauila, one of the three Hawaiian Deities that Lisa painted for Life Force’s current exhibit, Conscious Body, Living Soul: From Sentience to Sovereignty.

For Lisa, the three goddesses simultaneously flowed into three separate paintings as an answer to the exhibit’s question, “What is sentience?”

Explore the messages of one of these Goddesses, Kauila, as She shows you your own thoughts and feelings to gain greater clarity in your life. 

Lisa will lead you on a healing journey using guided meditation, writing and art making as tools for self-discovery and healing.



Lisa explains:

  • I will be leading you in meditations on Kauila. You will face the painting Kauila Turtle Goddess. You may be sitting in a chair or on the floor if you’re more comfortable. And, I will read you the channeled poem that I wrote about Kauila.
  • Next, you’re invited to shut your eyes as I re-read the same poem. Notice the difference of hearing the words with your eyes open, versus shut
  • You will have the opportunity to journal your thoughts and impressions after the meditation.
  • Then we begin the visual art making portion of the workshop. You can share your impressions and thoughts as we draw and paint
  • At the end of the class, you are invited to share what you’ve created…

Suggested Supplies:

  • Blanket or yoga mat for meditation portion
  • journal and pen
  • colored pencils and paper will be provided
  • if you’d like to use any other art supplies, please bring them: water colors or acrylics with your brushes, watercolor paper or canvas for acrylics, graphite pencils, charcoal, erasers, crayons, markers, etc.

Restrictions: please do not bring oil paint, turpentine, nor linseed oil for using with oil paints. I’m highly allergic and cannot have it being used around me without having allergic reactions. Thank you!

Lisa Nomikos’ artwork is spirit-guided to move one forward on a path of insight and clarity. This uplifting, inspirational art seeks to heal the negativity and suffering in the world. Lisa’s practice of Reiki energy work is channeled through her Soul Aura Portraits. Lisa’s art has been exhibited in numerous galleries, including Life Force Shamanic Art & Healing. From her prolific output of artwork, she has created several oracle decks in collaboration with author Lisa Gniady.  Lisa trained as a visual artist starting in high school, and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications Design with a focus on Illustration. Her interests shifted into the realm of spiritual, intuitive art, meditation, and shamanic practices based in the Life Force Wisdom Wheel. Lisa teaches art making classes that guide and nurture her students’ creativity through the meditations that she channels A conscious graphic designer/illustrator since 1991, she understands the creative process and nurtures her clients so they can accomplish their goals. www.gatheringvisions.comhttps://www.etsy.com/shop/LearntobeHappy
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