“Ecstasy of Feeling Free” by Joan Marie

How We Can Help You

If any of these sound like you, you’ve come to the right place!

LFAE has over 30 years experience helping people through shamanic healing, teaching and art.

“I’m seeking spiritual healing”

All of our programs have healing aspects, including sound healing and energy work. In particular you may want to try:

Individual Sessions
Healing Arts Intensives
Soul’s Pathway

“I am a visual, literary or performing artist who seeks to further explore the spiritual aspects of my art”

“I am having spiritual or intuitive experiences and need to understand them”

Especially true if you’re a healer who has no training in energy work, intuition and working with spirit guides, and you are experiencing these things when working with clients.

Life Force Arts Shamanic Training
Individual Sessions

“I’m looking for healing through the arts, such as Expressive Arts Therapy”

LFAE has a unique, spiritual and interdisciplinary arts approach to healing. This includes sound healing through our performances, writing, drawing, dance, vocal music, theater and storytelling.

Healing Arts Intensives
Arts Classes
LFAE Performances