It is enough to love/a hair’s breadth from despair and other poems by Britt Posmer

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Posmer Red_Dakini

image: Red Dakini (c) Britt Posmer

Poems by Britt Posmer

The sun pours through slats
the width of eyelashes.

It is enough to love
a hair’s breadth from despair.

All we need is a small window,
a diamond of light.


on the day i was born
water declared herself my sister
and preceded my arrival
with a great rush of annunciation.

she has loved me ever since.

on the day i remembered his name
my sister came as tears
one bond of saline blood.
i knew the fury of her tempests
and she the persistent erosion
of my grief.

on the day i thought him lost
my sister was rain
and we stood outside the windows
of a house never mine
while my body curled in a chair
hand against cheek.

at the windows
as my sister damply stroked my hair.




Has She broken every lie you’ve ever told,
claimed each falsehood feared or thought or uttered?

Have you felt the kindness of an agony all mouth?
Failed and failed and failed again as blessing?

Mother makes you dark to hide the moon.
Mother makes you black to swallow the foot

that steps into time.



I spiral round my Love
like a shell. In the shy shock
of clitoral pink, the calcified bud
of a cochlear flower.

Breath conjures the tidal rush of blood.
He blooms in my Hearing.

I was told

that my heart was
a mirror. Yet, in all my searching,
found nothing
but a pane of glass. There is
no moon here, either. Only
the endless, sourceless
passing of Light.


Britt Posmer is a contemporary ecstatic and interfaith contemplative who utilizes the arts as a principle means of meditation, transformation, and communion. She is a self-taught painter, as well as a dancer, poet, writer, and performance artist. In addition to her artistic passions, Britt is a trained holistic healer who specializes in transformational companioning and issues pertaining to gender, body, and consciousness.

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