“The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil”
by Diana Rudaitis

What We’re Passionate About

We’re passionate about connecting people, art, healing and spirit. We believe that nurturing the unique gifts of each individual creates healthy, functional communities, and that the arts are 100,000 years of the technology of human consciousness that allows us to achieve this human wholeness. The arts are crucial to teaching people to perceive, express, communicate and live peacefully together. The arts are accumulated wisdom of our fellow humans reaching out to help us with any dilemma we might be facing.

LFAE’s work is not based on a particular ethnic culture or religious belief. Rather, it is a contemporary combination of both psychological and spiritual practice through a non-denominational approach to greater wholeness. By spiritual, we mean the non-material, including the human spirit, universal energy and mystical experience. We focus on the direct experience of the intuitive/spiritual realm. LFAE seeks to connect people to the spiritual side of life in a way that individuals of various beliefs and life experiences can embrace in their own way, discovering their own truth.