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by Sharka Glet, M.D

Sacred Science originated in Egypt. Its goal is to enable the mind to become a channel through which the physical energies can connect with the energies of the Divine. In order to achieve this goal, Sacred Science seeks to understand the relationships between proportion and progression in forms of the physical objects and their correlation with proportion and progression on the mental and/or spiritual level.

The physical is the level of manifested form. We experience a physical form or forms using our senses. We can smell, touch, hear, taste, or see physical objects. Sacred Science studies proportion and progression in geometric shapes or forms as well as in musical scales, colors, and chemistry of perfume, food, or medicine.

On the mental and spiritual level, proportion represents the “principle” and progression represents the “expansion, progression, or evolution.” Sacred Science studies the relationship between proportion and progression in physical manifestations and their correspondence with the relationship between principle and expansion of consciousness. Therefore, through Sacred Science we can discover how the Principles of Creation work on all levels of the mind: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

In geometry, proportion is between angles. In music the proportion is in sequences of notes, in octaves. An angle or an octave defines the quality of a shape or sound. Therefore, while seeking proportion in geometry and music, Sacred Science uses the quality of shapes and/or forms. In food, medicine, and chemistry, proportion is between quantities of ingredients.

Sacred Science study concerns “proportion” between qualities or quantities. It is proportion in quality or quantity that influences the final result of energy flow in any physical manifestation. Meaning exists in any shape or form and also in sound, color, smell, or taste. The flow of energy in physical objects defines that meaning.

Meaning is a thought that describes function. Subconscious communication comes to our brain first in picture forms. Those forms carry the meaning of the Subconscious thought. Since meaning is a description of function, in order to interpret the Subconscious message to the Conscious part of the mind, meaning will correlate with an experience stored in the brain that has a similar function. This is the way Subconscious and Superconscious intuitive messages are conveyed to the Conscious part of the mind.

Humans gradually lost conscious awareness of their inner and outer or telepathic intuitive communication ability. Therefore, in order for humans to communicate between each other in the physical world, they developed physical language. Inner intuitive communication and outer telepathic intuitive communication are always honest; verbal communication, however, can sometimes be dishonest or confusing.

A study of autism showed that autistic individuals, although lacking in social skills, have intuitive abilities. They may also have a photogenic memory. This means that within their brains they receive and store information or meaning in picture forms. Because of this ability, autistic individuals are able to receive and process the information very quickly. Many autistic individuals can correctly calculate complex numerical combinations in a matter of seconds without using a pencil, paper, and/or a calculator.

Another study showed that an autistic individual can easily and quickly add, subtract, multiply, or divide numbers of 10 figures or more in their mind. Scientists who conducted the research asked the autistic person how he did this. He explained that autistic persons see the numbers as pictures of different forms. They then access the forms while calculating.

Scientists gave the autistic person some modeling clay. Then when they told him a number, they asked him to use the modeling clay to sculpt the shape that he perceived. In this test the scientists used three-digit numbers. Whenever the autistic person heard the number, he sculpted a form from the modeling clay.

After a while the scientists started to repeat some of the numbers and compared the sculpted forms. The forms created for the same numbers were almost identical. This test was done repeatedly on different occasions with a different set of numbers. It demonstrated that before it enters our brain, intuitive thought exists in picture form.

Intuitive thought can be perceived through inner and outer communication. The message received from the Superconscious or Subconscious parts of the mind is the inner intuitive communication, and the message received from another individual is the outer or telepathic intuitive communication.

People with a photogenic memory have intuitive ability to receive meanings and thoughts in pictorial instead of verbal forms. Intuition is a function of the Subconscious part of the mind. There is no physical time in the Subconscious part of the mind; therefore, intuitive communication is very quick.

Most spiritual teachers with highly developed intuitive abilities understand thought forms and their meaning. In the book, Thought Forms, by Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbetter, the authors talk about thought forms they could perceive. The book contains many colored illustrations of thought forms with explanations of their meaning. In the book, Besant and Leadbetter scientifically explain the meaning of thought forms and their relation to consciousness. They also explain the meaning of colors.

Wassily Kandinsky was an artist with a scientific mind who understood the meaning of shapes, forms, and colors. With a group of other artists, he invented the Abstract way of painting. In Abstract art, the meaning of the painting or a sculpture is illustrated though colors, shapes, and/or forms. Kandinsky purposefully used his artwork to express his Soul’s messages through shapes, forms, and colors and wrote books on this subject.

Everything in the physical world consists of molecules and these molecules have geometric forms. Scientists suggest that even space is made of a fabric that consists of geometric forms. Albert Einstein’s explanation of gravity is based on the existence of this fabric.

When we experience a smell or taste, we are not receiving a chemical structure but a configuration of different molecular forms. Even sound or color comes to our sensual perception as a frequency of vibrations. Vibrations are also forms of energy in different stages of manifestation.

Once we receive sensual information in a configuration of forms, we name and store this experience in our brain for future reference. The next time we receive the same sensual information, we can relate it to our memory experiences for identification. For example, if we received through our sense of smell a vibration that we would register and then name as the smell of strawberries, whenever we smell the same “vibration” or vibratory rate, it would be identified as a “strawberry smell.”

Since in its essence every physical creation, whether perceived by touch, smell, taste, sight, or hearing, consists of geometric forms, Sacred Geometry is an important part of Sacred Science. Sacred Geometry explains the proportions of angles and sides in geometric forms. In my book, Sacred Power of Universal Laws Revealed, I explain that “beauty is interpreted truth in forms, shapes, colors, smells, tastes, and sounds.” Now we can simplify that statement in to “beauty is manifested truth in physical forms.”

Sacred Geometry is used in ancient and also in more recent architecture. Through studying Sacred Geometry as well as other forms of Sacred Science, we can understand the workings of the Universal Laws of Creation.

Sacred Science, which uses the proportions of elemental ingredients to understand Creation, is Alchemy. It is well known that the famous scientist Isaac Newton studied and experimented with Alchemy.

Astronomy is a study of the configuration of planets, stars, and galaxies. Each configuration of Heavenly Bodies produces different qualities of energy. Astrology is the study of these energies and their influence on the human consciousness.

Pythagoras, who was a great mathematician, taught and studied spirituality through Sacred Geometry, Astrology, and Music. Pythagoras also understood the meaning of colors. He discovered that proportionally balanced colors could heal physical disorders.

In order to establish wholeness, Chinese medicine, aromatherapy, and other holistic healing methods use proportions of herbal substances or perfumes to balance energies in the physical body.

The Chinese use Feng Shui to influence energies in the physical environment. In order to create a harmonious environment, the science of Feng Shui uses principles of Astrology and Sacred Geometry to connect physical energies with the Divine.

Ancient Pagan and/or Wiccan religions learn and teach Creation through observation of energies in structures and elemental forces of Nature.

Through the many forms of Sacred Science we can understand the Principles of Creation, and by application of this knowledge, we can purposefully connect physical manifestation energies with the Divine. These Divine connections produce loving, harmonious, and healing energies in the physical world.

The Universal Laws are the way God thinks and creates. Truth is the description of these Universal Laws, Principles, or functions of Creation. Thus, God-like thoughts are harmonious with the Universal Laws.

With our loving thoughts we connect with our Subconscious and even with Superconscious parts of the mind. When this Divine connection occurs, we express it in the physical world through our actions. Then everything we say or do becomes beautiful.

When we love what we do and cause our mind to be stilled, our thoughts become loving. In this way we become consciously intuitive. When love is in our thoughts, without our awareness of how we caused this loving consciousness, we are unconsciously intuitive.

By purposefully manipulating physical forms, shapes, smells, sounds, and/or colors, we can connect physical energy with loving and healing energies of the Divine. This purposeful use of Sacred Science gives us freedom to be more effective in consciously communicating our Soul’s messages.

There is Divine Proportional Division called the Golden Mean (Section or Cross). The Golden Proportional Division is Divine because its function describes the Complete Law of Creation. This is the only three-way proportional division done in two terms. “The smaller term is to the larger term in the same way as the larger term is to the smaller plus larger.”

In order to activate the Complete Law of Creation in our consciousness we need to use the Whole Mind; all three parts of the mind—Conscious, Subconscious, and Superconscious— need to function as one. The principle of Golden or Divine Proportional Division describes this function.

The Golden Proportional Division is a principle, which causes progression in forms of physical manifestation as well as expansion of consciousness. The principle of Golden proportion is used in the Fibonacci series of numbers. This series is a sequence of progressive numbers, whereby two previous numbers added form the next following number = 1+2=3, 2+3=5, 3+5=8 and so on. The Fibonacci sequence of numbers is: 1,2,3,5,8, etc.

The principle of Golden or Divine Proportional Division always relates to wholeness. While using this Divine principle, the whole is divided so that progression can occur without any loss. Two numbers added together create the Third number. The Third number includes number One and number Two in the same proportion, as number Two is to number Three. By adding Two and Three we create a new, more expanded wholeness while the Divine principle stays unchanged. With this method of calculation, all totals of previous numbers are always included; therefore, nothing is ever lost.

As we learned previously, the mind has three parts: Conscious, Subconscious, and Superconscious. These three parts are the Whole Mind. In order to connect the Superconscious part of the mind with conscious awareness, first we need to connect the Conscious with the Subconscious. “One plus Two became Three or Three became Two and Two became One.” This describes the function of the Complete Law of Creation.

As soon as I learned about the Golden Proportional Division, I started to observe how I use it in my artwork. I also observed how the Divine proportion is used in the artwork of masters, i.e., how the way it is used affects the meaning of the artwork. Therefore, I realized I could purposefully use this Divine proportion through the composition of my artwork to consciously express my Soul’s message more precisely and with greater awareness.

Any side of a square or rectangular shape can be divided into two sections using the principle of Golden proportion. The smaller section is to the larger section as the larger section is to the side that has been divided. Explanation of how to calculate the proportion is described in Sacred Power of the Universal Laws Revealed.

Once you make this division, you make a mark on the side you just divided. Use the same distance to draw a mark on the same-size side of the opposite side of the shape. If your shape is a square, then you make the same marks on all four sides. In a rectangular shape you need to figure out the Golden Proportional Division for each of the two opposite same-size sides separately. Then you can connect each of the two marks in front of each other, creating a Golden cross in a square or rectangular shape.

The area of the Golden cross where the two lines cross is the focal point of your shape. The focal point of the Golden cross is where the attention of the viewer is naturally drawn. Every shape has four of these focal points. You can create the other three focal points when you reverse the marks on each side of the shape and connect the new marks with new lines.

Symmetry is also an important proportion in Sacred Geometry. Symmetrical proportion divides the whole into two halves, creating two equal shapes. Symmetry describes the function of the Universal Laws of Duality in shapes or forms. “Opposites attract” is the Universal Truth that describes this Law. Symmetry stabilizes the energy. When both halves of truth are examined as equals, wholeness is revealed.

An equal proportion of two same-size sides of a shape connected, create a center point. A center point of any shape or form also attracts attention. A Golden cross focal point indicates motion or progression, and the Symmetrical focal point indicates stillness or stability. Golden Proportional Division describes the aggressive use of creative energy, versus the receptive creative energy of Symmetry. The way in which these two creative focal points are used in two- or three-dimensional objects defines the “meaning” of the objects or artwork.

An artist with a loving and selfless intention who is committed to express their Soul message consciously or unconsciously uses Golden cross and Symmetry focal points in their artwork. Truth is stored in our Soul. On the Soul level we all understand intuitive communication; therefore, viewers with stilled minds and/or loving intentions consciously or unconsciously understand this communicated truth.

Meaning or truth in the Subconscious part of the mind has more dimensions. Therefore, in any artwork when truth is intuitively communicated, there are always many verbal explanations. Only people, usually poets, who are skilled in intuitive and verbal communication are able to describe illustrated truth well. Hearing those many poetical interpretations might surprise even the artist who created the artwork. Those who are not verbally skilled in describing intuition would simply say, “It is beautiful.”

Sharka Glet is the author of Sacred Power of the Universal Laws Revealed. 

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