“May Day” by Tanzen Lilly

Soul’s Pathway Self-Discovery Worksheet

“In your originality is your immortality, for nothing that is original can perish. It is an essential part of the cosmic scheme.” –Olivia Robertson

Soul’s Pathway is a tool to help you recognize your soul – your essence, the spark of energy and originality that is unique to you.

The soul is the energy and individuality of the person. It contains the qualities that allow the person to carry out their mission in life: what the person brings to share with the community to create a better world.

There is an innocent, childlike quality to the soul, and yet all wisdom and self-empowerment is contained with it. Your soul is who you were before you were pressured by others to be someone you aren’t.

Authored by LFAE Founder & Director Joan Forest Mage and LFAE Associate Artistic Director Steven Blaine Adams, the Soul’s Pathway Worksheet is free and is for anyone at any stage of life. It guides you to take the next step of unfolding your True Self.

Soul’s Pathway Worksheet

Questions to help you identify your Soul, and how it is expressed in and supported by community. The Worksheet is free and is available on LFAE’s website.

Soul’s Pathway Sessions

We offer sessions with a Soul’s Pathway counselor who is a member of LFAE, to discuss what you discovered about your Soul’s Pathway through doing the Worksheet, and to guide you to the next steps of your Soul’s development. The session can be done in-person or by phone or Zoom.

1 hr, $80