Past Exhibit

“Golden Birth” by Laurel Smith

Emergence Of The Divine Feminine

October 1 - 31, 2009

Opening Reception Friday Oct. 2, 2009 at Life Force Arts Center, 3148 N Lincoln, Chicago
Joan Forest Mage, Executive Director

Chicago, IL – Showcasing the diverse work of over twenty international artists, Emergence of the Divine Feminine brings together visual artists, musicians, and speakers for a month-long multi-arts festival, October 1 – 31 at Life Force Arts Center (3148 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago). A variety of artistic mediums will be represented including drawing, painting, shamanic dance, video, live music, ritual, and a presentation by celebrated spiritual author Andrew Harvey. As part of Chicago Artists Month, Emergence of the Divine Feminine brings compassion and loving-kindness to Chicago with this inspirational artwork. The festival’s opening reception is on October 2nd at 5 PM. For more information, contact 773-327-7224.

The Divine Feminine Cultures have been creating art inspired by the female aspect of God since the earliest times. In the past, this idea has manifested itself in various forms such as Goddess, Great Mother, Mother Earth, Mother Nature, and Divine Mother of the Universe. Emergence of the Divine Feminine exhibits art that explores different ways in which this theme wants to be expressed for our modern times: Bold, Beautiful, and Powerful.

In the call for visual art, the organizers posed an open question: What is the Divine Feminine? The artistic response was as interesting as it was diverse. In the process of creating their work, some artists have undergone an intense inner exploration to find their own divine nature. “Some of the work is more energetic than literal,” says festival creator and contributor Laurel Smith. “It has a feeling quality that creates an experience that is far more powerful than just looking at artwork. We are all here to awaken our own divine nature”. Emergence of the Divine Feminine has a powerful energetic component that the audience can absorb; the artwork acts as a transformational conduit.

Artists in the show come from around the country and the globe. Deborah Eidson, a clairvoyant photographer from Texas has several pieces in the show. Her perceptive photography seems to penetrate the veils of the unknown, giving us a glimpse into another realm, rich with the birthing energies that formed our Universe. Victoria Christian, a mystical artist from Oregon, will be showing her video entitled, “Feminine Mysticism in Art: Artists Envisioning the Divine”. This colorful and inspirational slide show of transcendental art synchronized to uplifting music is a stunning collaboration of artworks by over fifty contemporary visionary artists from an assortment of spiritual traditions. Several prominent Chicago artists will be featured in the show, including Pat Otto, Michael Zieve, and Sharka Glet. Sharka will be presenting depictions of four Archangels in feminine form. These vibrant paintings convey a powerful new idea about the identity and essence of traditionally masculine icons. All artwork on display will be available for sale.

On Thursday, October 8 at 7 PM Chicago artist Eulalio Fabie de Silva will create a spontaneous art piece. Eulalio’s artwork in acrylic paint on canvas that is created during this performance art/ritual event will become part of the exhibit. “Impromptu/Intuition Painting” will begin with audience participation in a ceremony to the Divine Feminine, which will help to inspire the divine flow. While the painting proceeds, the audience will be invited to join in with chanting, singing, music, dancing, or to sit quietly and observe or meditate. The theme chosen for this live painting exhibition will be Quan Yin, the Eastern counterpart of the Virgin Mary. She is revered by Taoists and Buddhists in Eastern Asia as a “Bodhisattva” incarnate, the Goddess of Mercy.

“The lusciousness of the paint being dragged onto a white and serene canvas is akin to the birth of one’s life,” says Eulalio, “an intro to the vastness of life to come… The creativity coincides with the Divine Feminine.”

With events throughout the month of October, Emergence of the Divine Feminine will have its opening reception on October 2nd at 5 PM and will feature an acoustic music performance by Massachusetts’ Faebotica. Video presentations will be shown at A La Turka Turkish Kitchen (3134 N Lincoln Ave).

Emergence of the Divine Feminine is about people becoming in touch with themselves, with aspects of their personality that they might be unfamiliar with. The show offers the rare chance to be touched by something powerful and beautiful. Emergence of the Divine Feminine is a spiritually uplifting event that is meant to bring inspiration, healing, and transformation to its audience.

Life Force Arts Center is Chicago’s space for spiritually-based visual, literary, and performing art. The Center presents dance, theater, music, performance art, authors, and visual artists who work in many spiritual traditions, including shamanic, goddess, earth-centered, visionary, angelic, yogic, and other spiritually uplifting paths.

Life Force Arts Center defines spiritual art as:

art that flows from spiritual practice.
art that strives to connect the audience with Spirit.
art that creates spiritual healing. transformation or awakening.

Exhibiting Artists for Emergence of the Divine Feminine

Cindy Aldrich
Kristin Ashley
Fred Casselman
Victoria Christian
Cortez Curtis
Mariela de la Paz
Judy Demchuk
Eulalio Fabie de Silva

Deborah Eidson
Lori Falk
Sharka Glet
Margaret Guieb
Mary Heagle
Joyce Huntington
Laurel Izard
Stacy Jackson

Kimberley Jones
Joan Marie
Pat Otto
Teresa Parker
Laurel Smith
Scott Smith
Barbara Wurden
Michael Zieve