Past Exhibit

“Archangel Uriel” by Sharka Glet

The Angel Show

December 4, 2009 - January 3, 2010

Life Force Arts Center Unveils the Angel Show, Opening Reception on December 4, Show Runs Through January 3, 2010.
Angels grace the halls of the Life Force Arts Center Gallery (3148 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago) this holiday season as artists display their interpretations of uplifting, angelic presence. Ranging from traditional to abstract and modern depictions of angels, The Angel Show features paintings, photography, and mixed media from 10 artists from around the country. The show’s opening reception is Friday, December 4, from 6 – 10 pm.

For centuries, Angels have been known as the messengers of God or as a direct manifestation of the Divine. Angels are a phenomenon that cross the boundaries of many religions and spiritual beliefs. They have been known as the keepers of wisdom, the bringers of the word of God, Divine teachers, guardians, and guides of humanity. The Angel Show creates new perceptions of these great Beings of Light, and new avenues of connection between the observer and these Messengers of the Divine.

Visitors to the exhibit will see manifestations of angel energy as varied as Sharka Glet’s exquisite paintings of the Archangels; pure geometric energy patterns in the digital photography of Fred Casselman and Diogenes; and the driftwood angel sculpture of Pat Otto.

Joan Forest Mage, Executive Director of Life Force Arts Center and curator of the show, says, “Our gallery features art that expresses the spiritual experience of human beings across cultures and time. What better theme to explore during the holidays than angels? Angels sang when Christ was born, but they also appear to people in all types of circumstances. We invite the angels to bring in their high vibrational energy of Light.”

Life Force Arts Center is Chicago’s space for spiritually-based visual, literary, and performing art. The Center presents dance, theater, music, performance art, authors, and visual artists who work in many spiritual traditions, including shamanic, goddess, earth-centered, visionary, angelic, yogic, and other spiritually uplifting paths.

Life Force Arts Center defines spiritual art as:

art that flows from spiritual practice.
art that strives to connect the audience with Spirit.
art that creates spiritual healing. transformation or awakening.

Exhibiting Artists for Angels

Fred Casselman
Cat Clausen
Sharka Glet

Margaret Guieb
Mary Heagle
Bettina Madini
Joan Marie

Pat Otto
Laurel Smith
Scott Smith